Peer-led recruitment of ‘hard to reach’ older limbless veterans: A case-study discussion

  • Gill McGill
  • Gemma Wilson
  • Nick Caddick
  • Matthew D. Kiernan
Keywords: Hard to reach, peer-led approach, peer-driven recruitment, veteran


Military veterans in the UK are considered a group at risk of experiencing health inequalities and a vulnerable population, particularly older veterans and those who have lost limbs.  Recruiting so-called ‘hard to reach’ populations has been a key focus of much health-related research.  A key reason for this is the fundamental importance of selecting an appropriate sample from a population which, at times, can be very difficult to find and engage.  This study aimed to explore peer-recruiters’ experiences of being involved in a research study in which they had engaged in peer-led recruitment to successfully engage older, limbless veterans into a study.  A case-study methodology was utilized in which two peer-recruiters took part in semi-structured interviews.  Three themes were generated: importance of the insider perspective; involvement in the wider project; personal and professional gain.